Ville being Ville

It’s too late to turn, you don’t want to learn
Price of life you cry, now you’re gonna die.


Ville is adorable.


His Infernal Majesty.

I have a good imagination and I can put whatever pics I want on the walls. But I always think about our records through a color, like that some record is let’s say a red record. This album is our pope-themed album so it’s purple. When we went into the studio, everything there was purple and it was fucking funny. All the couches and mixing tables were purple. I was all psyched about the color. Apparently purple is also the color of a schizophrenic. This album lies somewhere between the pope and schizophrenia. It’s regal schizophrenia. Hendrix used to live there and so they said that Hendrix’s ghost is still there. As a true Finnish man, I don’t believe anything until I see it, and from now on I have to say that I don’t believe it until I smell it. The studio was empty in the middle of a night and I was the last one leaving when suddenly the sickly-sweet smell of cannabis came out of nowhere. That’s when I decided that Hendrix’s ghost is not some visual ectoplasm apparition but the smell of cannabis. Which means that I have encountered Hendrix’s ghost and I am immensely proud of that. I have even inhaled it, meaning that I am a part of Hendrix.
Ville Valo - 2005 (via deathsingsoursong)